RAI Italia

RAI Italia, firmly supported by the Italian government and dedicated to Italian speakers abroad, strives to meet the demands from Italian communities all around the world.

A generalist 24/7 TV channel with the best Rai programs: live shows, entertainment, lifestyle, news, fiction, sport, Serie A and B football, art, tourism, kids programming, music, tv series and original productions for Italians abroad, such as La Giostra dei Gol, Community, Camera con vista, Cristianità.

Rai Italia first international television broadcast was on New Year’s Day in 1992 as Rai International, Rai Italia and the Italian government have been collaborating since then in order to broaden the presence of public service in international radio and television broadcasting. Rai Italia also strives to meet the demand for news and services from Italian communities abroad.

Rai Italia actually broadcasts three television channels, via satellite, which vary according to the different geographical targets.

Panda Media is proud to represent Rai Italia in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Thailand.
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Rai Italia agency in Asia

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