2009 HD 99min color, 2.35:1

Director & Screenplay : Kim Seong-Jun, Lee Je-Cheol
Production : Namu Film
?Producer : Seo Young-Jun
Cast : Kim Young-Yong, Jeon Su-Yeon, Yang Ji-Woong, Han Se-Hee
Cinematograph : Lee Yong-Gab
Music : Park Kyoung-Min
Sound : Lee Sung-Chul
?Deco : Jo Wan-Jun


Won-Jun, B-boy dancer, is young and selfish, not compromising with his colleagues but only pursuing his own dream. Hyun-Ji, a neighbor hearing-impaired girl, spends her time alone due of her mother’s absence and her father’s indifference, and is kind of fascinated by the B-boys break dance.
One day Hyun-Ji, shyly watching the B-boys’ dancing, gets into a dispute with Won-Jun. Upset, Hyun-Ji speaks to him using the sign language. Inspired by her sign language for choreographies, Won-Jun tries to learn the sign language.
Won-Jun helps Hyun-Ji to join his team in going for an audition. Won-Jun persuades his colleagues who oppose to it, and he is confident in Hyun-Ji.
A.U.D.I.T.I.O.N is a bright film about growth, dreams, and trust.