MVIVA: Marketing, Museum, Management

Created in 2013, MVIVA develops projects that merge cultural and managerial features and devise show-format for museums and art foundations. They give shape to original and personalized exhibition events that ensure the achievement of economic, social and cultural goals. 

MVIVA prepares non-conventional marketing projects that bring together art, culture, entertainment, fun, passion and management. MVIVA offers collaboration to companies and institutions to promote their name and personality, enhance their image and foster their success on the market. MVIVA also organizes training programs with conferences, seminars and specialization courses related to contemporary Museology in the rapport with culture marketing.

MVIVA’s knowledge of art, Management and Museum Marketing ensures a range of unique service for both public and private entities.

Already based in Italy, Brasil and China, Panda Media is proud to represent MVIVA in South Korea.

Official website

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