2013 HD4K 74 min Korea/France/Vietnam

Director : Lou Ma Ho (Marc Olivier Louveau)
Co-production : Panda Media (Korea), Big Nose, 11 Décembre, Sesama Films, SAPA MEDIA JSC (Vietnam)
1st Director assistant : Guillaume Montely
Script : Lou Ma Ho
Cast : Jim Adhi Limas, Fang-Hsuang Chiu, Tapa Sudana, Chau Belle, Santi Sudaros
Cinematograph : Olivier Cohen-Bacri
Music : Hyun-Jung Shim
Sound : Vincent Mauduit
Deco : Suzanne Lee-Marko
Film locations: Vietnam and France


A weapon master in Vietnam looks for his successor, and is advised to visit an old famous general who retired, but is said to raise two strong sons. The sons are indeed well-trained, and the master asks for an interview with each one of them. Only the one who has enough power and mastery in his body and mind can hope for such a honor, and both could be the one. But the old general also has a daughter, whose swiftness of mind and charm flies far beyond her two brothers…

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Short Film

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Koan Of Spring Awards

    • Asian Film Festival of Boulder (USA – 2006)
      – Best Script Award
    • Ojai Film Festival (California – Oct 2013)
      – Best Feature Film
    • Brantford Film Festival (Canada – oct 2013)
      – Best Feature Film
    • Free Spirit Film Festival (India – oct 2013)
      – Best Film

– Best Photography

  • The screenplay was also:
    – Finalist at the Gloria International Film Festival (West Valley City – August 2006)
    – Semi-finalist at the Gem Screenplay Competition (Los Angeles – August 2006)
    – Semi-finalist at the Nolita International Film Festival (New York – December 2005)
  • Selections for Koan Of Spring:
    – 62nd International Film festival Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany – oct 2013)
    – 30th Bogota International Film Fetival (Colombia – oct 2013)
    – Spirit Film Festival Tel Aviv (Israel – oct 2013)
    – Fer Film Festival (Republic of Kosovo – oct 2013)
    – Regiofun Film Festival (Poland – oct 2013)
    – Levante International Film Festival (Italy – Oct 2013)
    – Santa Cruz Film Festival (California – nov 2013)
    – Third eye 12th Asian Film festival (India – 2014)
    – 20th Victoria Film Festival – International Competition (Canada – 2014)

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